Marine Applications

The MTU diesel engines we distribute with engine ratings from 364 kW (S60 Series) to 9,100 kW (8000 Series) and decades of experience with engines for marine applications make K & W Drive Systems your reliable partner when it comes to the selection and the technical integration of a matching engine for your boat project, or the servicing, periodic maintenance, overhaul and emergency repair of MTU diesel engines.

We provide ongoing support for main and auxiliary drive systems and on-board power supply systems of the MTU brand for all types of vessels, such as yachts, passenger ships, fast ferries, hydrofoils or conventional ferries. 

Maintenance, repair and general overhaul for your MTU marine engine

Maintenance, servicing and repairs can be carried out at any time within our distribution area, which covers Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. In an emergency, repairs can also be carried out at sea and at night. This reduces the downtime of your vessel to an absolute minimum, and means that normal operation can be resumed as soon as possible.

In the case of major repairs and overhauls, we will disassemble your MTU engine on-site to carry out all necessary work either at the berth (e.g. the port Linz) or at our service workshop in Vienna with highly trained service technicians and corresponding special tools. After a test run, the engine is then brought back to its original site, and installed.

Minimized downtime through replacement engines

In addition, we also offer storage space for your replacement engines so that, in case of damage, we can replace the failed engine in a flash and on site - even at night. You will then be able to resume operation without any downtime, or after only a short downtime, while we repair the defective engine and store it for you again.

Your benefits are:

  • Decades of experience with engines for marine applications
  • Minimum downtime - maximum reliability and availability
  • Low consumption, cost-effective operation, high performance

Spare parts

As authorized distributor for MTU in Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania, we ensure prompt delivery of original spare parts and supplies for your MTU marine engine.