Oil Field Series

For decades, Allison Transmission has designed, engineered and manufactured automatic transmissions for the energy sector. In oil and gas fields all over the world, Allison fully automatic transmissions are working to make drilling, fracturing, hoisting and pumping easier and more productive. The Allison Transmission Oil Field Series was specifically designed and built for drilling and pumping in the oil field. The transmissions have an optional hydraulic retarder, two Power Take-Off provisions (PTOs), an optional dropbox and an optional parking brake or corresponding mounting provision.

This transmission series has two advantages: it switches automatically while driving, and also works as manual powershift in stationary operation.

5th Generation electronic controls offer a variety of options such as Fuel Economy and Prognostics to make operation as easy as possible for the customer.

K & W Drive Systems has been building Power Units for drilling and pumping systems for decades: We know what matters, and respect our customers' wishes. With the help of our partners we calculate, specify, and build complete power units - cooling included - for different climate zones, thereby ensuring best possible operation.